Bed Build for a Studio Apartment in the Trees

In 2018, I moved to Orinda CA to this tiny little apartment atop a garage. It featured this one beautiful window looking into trees. I wanted to make a bed that fit with this space and honored trees!

Since the unit was atop the garage, it was only accessible via a tiny staircase. Thus, the bed needed to be easy to carry up and down the winding staircase.

Below is a photo series of the project from start to finish. 

Bed Build Summary

I have an interest in the foundational pieces of life: eating well, moving well, sleeping well. Bedframes and mattresses fit in that last category. I built this bedframe and headboard over Christmas break with help from my father (black jacket) as well as my friend Bob the Builder (red shirt). 


Bedframe made of series of slats that fit together without any tools

A headboard that hinges to the side planks

A low overall profile bedframe

Ablilty to disassemble and move the frame without losing any screws, nuts or bolts

I'm so proud of the beauty of the headboard!


Hinge mechanism attaching headboard to bedframe does not hold properly

Slatted side planks have weak spots - if I made this again, might explore making frame in metal?

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