I work at San Francisco Airport (SFO) in the Design and Construction Department on the project Wayfinding Enhancement Program. Alongside the amazing City ID team and in collaboration with other Design-Build teams, I work to develop strategic review, analysis and recommendations to improve wayfinding campus-wide. 

This includes design of all maps, digital signage, static signage and everything in between. A few highlights shown below.  Contact me to learn more about my involvement on this project - it's incredibly insightful design work filled with nuanced stories and real-life challenges. All design work owned by SFO.

Deep dive journey planning for various micro environments within the airport

Sign development and layout for various environments, in this case AirTrain

Map design, development and testing across campus

User testing and implementation of Information Dashboards in recently opened Harvey Milk Terminal 1

Product Design Case Studies

I have a passion for creating products that are beautiful and ergonomically easy to use. 

Dansit, a dance chair designed for those with limited mobility.

Single Sweep, a snap on handle designed to optimize sweeping.

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